The largest natural cave in Asia only a few know the importance and the historical value of pahiyangala, which has been recognized as the largest natural cave in Asia. In addition, world’s first microlights (very small stone artifacts made from sections of small blades) were also found here.

Pahiyangala is about 10 Km from the resort, in the rain Forrest area. The name Pahiyangala connected to a Chinese Priest who visited this cave in the 5th century during his two year pilgrimage to Sri Lanka mainly to climb Adams peak. It said that an old ceramic plate was found, thought to be left by Fa Heien ( Pahiyan) on his arrival at the cave site on his way to Sri-Pada. Making it more special is the discovery of earliest remains of the modern day human anatomy in South Asia is seen here. Excavations have proved that this cave provided shelter to prehistoric cave men some 37,000 years back. This is most ancient pre-historic human settlement in Asia.

Our paradise is located away from around 35 km from Pahiyangala and it will take one hour drive to reach there.